Answerland - Restoring Your Cap

Answerland: Restoring Your Ratty Old Hat

Answerland - Restoring Your Cap

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Greg asked:

I’ve got an old wool cap that I’ve worn for years and it’s starting to lose its shape. Is there any way to restore it or is it a lost cause?

Thanks for the question! I’ve worn out a hat or two of my own, so I understand that you’re talking about. They just start to lose their shape as the elements, misuse, and your head wear them down. Since I don’t know specifically what type of cap you have, I’m including a few resources to help with different types of wool hats:

If you find that none of these work for you, you can always take your hat to a Haberdasher, if you can find one. It will be a bit pricier, but depending on the value of your hat, both monetarily and personally, it could be worth it.

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