Answerland: The Plus Size Men’s Pants Edition

Bruce Sturgell in Levi's 541 Big and Tall Athletic Fit Jeans

We’re talking plus size men’s pants in this edition of Answerland. Bruce takes on reader questions about the best fit for big legs, pants that fit when you’ve got junk in the trunk, and the best place to find a good pair of denim joggers. Send us your questions @chubstr on your favorite social network, or using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Slim, Straight, or Loose?

Devin asked: Hey what should I buy at Old Navy? I’m a 48, and getting pants and jeans – [should I opt for] slim, or straight, or loose?
Hi Devin! I tend to go for big and tall straight leg jeans from Old Navy. They’re usually roomy enough, and they don’t flare out like bellbottoms. Slim is difficult for legs like ours, especially in the thighs. Be sure to take a look at their flex stretch line – available in sizes to 48, they offer a bit of give, which can come in handy for big men.

Skinny Jeans

Comfortable Plus Size Men’s Pants?

Miamibmw asked: Trying to figure out how I am able to wear slim fit pants (nicely hug my legs at least) with a wide enough waist to remain comfortable. I have a huge cuban ass that makes it annoyingly difficult to wear some types of pants. Example: I can’t include links inside of questions so search amazon for Match Mens Slim-Tapered Flat-Front Casual Pants.
The typical idea of slim or skinny fit pants don’t always work for plus size men. Look for jeans with stretch fabric, like the Old Navy big and tall flex stretch jeans I mentioned above. Macy’s offers a small collection of slim and straight leg jeans from sizes 40 to 50. If you’re looking for a 48 or 50, you’re going to find more straight leg and less of the slim.

If you’re willing to invest a little money, I wear a 44 to 46, and the Graduate, from AG is stretchy and fits me perfectly. It’s not super slim, but slim enough for my tastes. The only other option would be to go custom with something like They don’t cost a ton, they do jeans, pants, and a variety of other clothing, and they are made to fit in your size. You can even show them something in a smaller size, and talk to them about recreating it in your size. The thing is, you definitely need to know your size if you’re going to order a pair. As always, I recommend going to a tailor to get your sizes. Need some inspiration? Take a look at what the greatest names in denim are wearing in our review of the book, Denim Dudes.

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Big & Tall Joggers

Jorrenchrist asked: I’m a big guy, 6’2″ and 360lbs. I have good legs, but all pants I ever find are essentially just TRUNKS of denim, and frankly aren’t flattering. I also can’t seem to find nicer joggers in a 54″ waist that I can wear my hightops with. Suggestions?
You already know this, but man, it’s difficult to find a lot of variety in sizes above 48, especially if you’re looking for something modern or contemporary. I did a bit of searching, and came across a few options, like these denim jogger pants from Victorious – with sizes to 5X. Not sure about those? Dive into this list of big and tall jogger pants – you might be surprised by what you find.

There you have it, a roundup of some recent reader questions about plus size men’s pants. Pants-related or not, send us your questions via social media – @chubstr – or by clicking here

Featured photo: Mike Hodis photographed by Molly Cranna

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