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Answerland: Looking more mature & big men's clothing shop

Answerland: Looking More Mature & Big Men’s Clothing Swap

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We’re covering two good questions this week – let’s get right to it:

Hi Chubstr – I’m turning 34 soon and have been working towards maturing my look and away from the tees, skinny jeans and extended adolescence that living in San Francisco had afforded me. A problem I’m encountering though is the move into non denim pants. I’m 5″9, 225lbs., and usually wear a 38w x 30. I carry my weight in my gut but not in my ass and thighs. When I try to find pants with a skinny leg, I’m left with baggy legs which make me look grumpy. Please help.

Thanks for the question! Being assless makes finding a good pair pants a bit more difficult. We get a lot of questions from guys who have similar problems in different areas, and I find myself saying this quite a bit, but it’s good advice – get your pants custom tailored. If you’re looking for something high quality that stands out a bit, consider going to a professional for measurements and a good pair of pants. You mentioned you’re in San Francisco, so try a place like The Hound and their made to measure offerings – they’ll help you get the perfect fit.

A few of Indochino's current pants selection

Of course, if you want to use the internet to get yourself some pants that fit, we always recommend Indochino for their custom made pants. Get a pair of their chinos and a pair of their dress pants, and you’ll be good to go. Even if you order online, I still recommend you go to a tailor to get your measurements. Let a professional do it so you get the perfect fit and the more mature style you’re looking for.

Clothing Swap!

There are many Facebook groups where plus-size folks who wear women’s clothing swap/trade/sell it. Do you fine folks know if any such groups exist for large-size men’s clothing?

Not surprisingly, there isn’t much in the way of clothing swap or trading events with a specific focus on men’s clothing. NYC’s Big Fat Flea does something awesome that’s along the lines of what you’re looking for, but it’s a yearly event that was held in May. We did a bit of research and weren’t able to find anything. If any readers know of anything like this, leave a comment below and tell us where it’s at.

Is there interest big men’s clothing swap? If you’d be interested in something like this, let us know and maybe we can work on some Chubstr-sponsored events.

Clothing swap photo by Orin Zebest