Answerland: Keeping Cool and Hard-To-Find Pants

Ron Enjoying SummerThis week’s edition of Answerland is short and sweet:

The Gent Featured in Monday’s Reader Photo asks: Would love some advice on how bigger guys can look cool in the dog days of summer. I can’t really pull off the just-a-v-neck or tank look.

Fabrics such as linen, cotton, and wool can be your friends – look for these lightweight materials in anything you buy, and you’ll be off to a good start. You should also consider integrating more shorts into your summer looks when possible. You can class them up with button down shirt, a jacket (which you can remove if you get too hot), and even appropriate dress shoes for an interesting look that’ll keep you cooler. Be sure to wear an undershirt; believe it or not, they help keep you cooler, and can absorb sweat when things heat up.

Chris asks: Hey Chubstr, Big Fan, I just wanted to know if you guys knew of a store where i can get pants with the elastic around the ankles, if they do come in big sizes?

Amazingly, it was rather difficult to find the type of pants you were looking for in extended sizes. Generally, these types of pants in anything above XL are going to be sweatpants, and that was about all we came across. Your best bets for XXL and up are ShopStyle and Ebay. If you can get by with an XL or smaller, try Uniqlo, Fabrixquare, Topman, or AE. Maybe some of our readers will have suggestions to add to the comments section of this article.

Photo: It’s Ron wearing a white Polo Ralph Lauren oxford, shorts from Marshalls, shoes from Timberland.

Have a question about style or shopping for us? Send it in and we’ll answer it in a future edition of Answerland. 

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