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Adam asked:

What’s your view on the whole double denim thing?

Thanks for the question Adam. Double Denim isn’t a look everyone can pull off, especially without thinking ahead. Plan your outfit a bit, and consider what you’re wearing. The denim on your top shouldn’t match the denim on your bottom. If it does, the results could be disastrous. Here’s what not to do.

If you’re going with a blue denim shirt or jacket, consider black jeans. You want some kind of contrast between the top and bottom, so you don’t look like a crazy person (unless you’re going for that sort of thing, in which case, carry on!). It’s really all about the shades. You can also add to your look with accessories

Mickyray asked:

What do you guys recommend for other chubstr tumblrs or blogs? Thanks for the support and big fan (no pun intended!)

There are a lot of chubby guy focused sites on tumblr. That’s actually where we got started. I recommend heading over to tumblr and taking a look around. I don’t spend as much time perusing those blogs as I used to, but when I have time, I like to check out FYCG for some great photo submissions.

I spend a lot more of my time on sites like Mister Mort, Backyard Bill, and Valet. The first two really inspire me, and the last one is just all-around great.

I’m sure other readers can suggest a few that you should take a look at as well. Again, if you look at our tumblr and go back into the archives, you’ll find some other great sites to look at.

Gyllenhaal photo via denimblog.