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Skinny Jeans

Answerland: Finding the Perfect Denim Jacket and Skipping the Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans on Big and Tall Guys?

Welcome to Answerland, the place where Chubstr answers your burning questions about…well, anything. Questions about clothing, style, grooming, food & drink, entertainment, art, or anything in between – if you have questions, we’ll do our best to help you out. Just click here to ask a question – if you want it to be anonymous, let us know in your message. We’ve got two questions tonight from curious readers. We’ll kick things off with a question from Dom:

I’m in the UK and I want to get a denim jacket with woolen lining, help me out please!

Carhartt Sherpa Lined Denim JacketThanks for the question, Dom. If you were US based, I’d say the Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket from Kohl’s or the Volcom Fred Lined Jacket from Zappos would be good options, but neither of those stores ship internationally.

Take a look at the  Carhartt Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket at Cabelas, and the North Coast Pure Cotton Borg Denim Jacket at Marks and Spencer. The Carhartt jacket is available to 3XL for $69.99 and the North Coast jacket is available to XXL and runs £69 (or $107). Shipping won’t be a problem with either of these companies.

There are many, many more denim jackets available out there, but not so many that also have a wool lining. Good luck!

Adam Asked:

I love skinny jeans but as a bigger chap I don’t think I could pull them off but I’ve never even tried on a pair so ya never know, I’m a 38-40 waist 6′ so that might give you an idea of my size. So what do y’all think, skinny jeans on big guys yay or nay??

Thanks for writing in, Adam! As with all style choices, it’s ultimately about wearing what you feel good in. My personal thought on the matter of skinny jeans is that bigger guys should stay away from them, especially if you’ve got larger legs. I’ve got thighs that could crack walnuts, and even if I could get into skinny jeans, they wouldn’t look great on me. You’ve got some height on me, so they’d probably suit you better, but my personal suggestion is to skip the skinny jeans. Think about comfort when you’re choosing your clothes as well.

Though you’re seeing them available in stores (and being worn by every indie rock band in the universe), there’s more of a focus of late on jeans that fit better. I’d look for something that fits well instead of going tight. Take a look at RVCA or True Religion for something a bit different.

Skinny guy in skinny jeans photos by Ryan Abel.