Where to find a big and tall flannel shirt

Finding a big and tall flannel shirt

Thehomienicck asked: where the best place to get a flannel (3x)?
Luckily, flannel in extended sizes is pretty easy to come by. You can get a Lands’ End for big & tall flannel shirt with sizes to 4X, Destination XL for more classic flannel shirts with sizes to 7X, or Kohl’s for more contemporary flannel shirts with sizes to 4XB. Prices run the spectrum, with some shirts starting around $9.

Big and tall flannel shirts from Lands' End

Big and tall flannel shirts from Lands’ End

Not enough flannel for you? Try Cabela’s (sizes to 5X), Macy’s (to 5X), and the awesome Duluth Trading Co, with flannel shirts in sizes to 4X.

Shipton & Heneage Velvet Slipper

Shipton & Heneage Velvet Slipper – available in extended widths

Nathan asked: I was wondering if you knew if velvet slippers were wider than most shoes. I’m a big guy that wears a 12w shoe, but can’t seem to find out if there are any velvet slippers made for guys with wider feet or if they were wide enough for someone of my size. I’ve read your article with Corbin Chamberlin and saw that he likes del toro slippers, but again wasn’t sure if they were custom to his foot or if his foot was wide and it didn’t matter since the slipper is wide. Anyways, sorry for the long rambling message. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love the site. Very informative.
Good question Nathan. There just aren’t a lot of great options for velvet slippers in extended widths. If price is of no concern, take a look at Shipton & Heneage. Their Club and Society Velvet Slipper runs for $299, and is made to your exact requirements – including width. They have a variety of slippers, including a few more constructed from velvet for $595.

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