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Answerland: Dressing Your Age

Answerland: Dressing Your Age

This gent has created his own unique style

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Rezurs asked: The thing I struggle with is actually dressing my age haha, 19 is such an awkward age gap between “teen” and adult. Any tips?

19 is the perfect age to experiment with your look. You’re young enough that you can try anything and probably pull it off. The best way to cultivate your style is to figure out what you like to wear, and what looks good on you. Don’t be afraid to try different styles – you might create a look that you really love this way. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend looking through Chubstr’s big guy photo submissions. You’ll find a variety of styles and outfits that you can recreate, and some inspiration to put together a look of your own. Check magazines, style websites, and think about some of your favorite celebrities or musicians – as long as you’re not afraid to recreate the looks you like, you’ll be on the way to creating the perfect style for you in no time.

Getting a suit that fits is vital

Jose asked: Lost a few pounds, well more then a few and my suit jackets fit TOO BIG, was wondering was it worth me getting the altered or just start all over and buy my actual new size?

Thanks for the question, Jose. Losing a lot of weight can change your dimensions to the point where altering your suits may not make sense. If you’ve only lost a few pounds, your tailor can probably help you out. Since it sounds like you’ve carved off quite a few pounds, my recommendation is that you look at new suits. It’s much better to have a great-fitting suit than to get something altered that was originally made for you when you were larger. There are things a tailor might not be able to alter to reflect your current size. Plus, you might find it to be more cost effective to just buy something that is closer to your fit. Besides, this gives you an excuse to update your wardrobe with some new looks.

If you’re looking for suits or suit jackets that look good and won’t break the bank, consider Indochino’s custom suits and jackets, JoS. A. Bank, or Nordstrom’s suit jacket selection.


Suit photo by Paul Goyette on flickr. Feature photo submitted by Nordiq1.tumblr.com. Recreate his look:

Black wool jacket from an old suit, black button-up, green plaid bow tie from TJ Maxx, Levi 514s from TJ Maxx, green Chuck Taylors