Answerland: Cool Socks, and Finding Clothes That Fit


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JowJow21 asks: I work in a business casual office, but personally tend to dress towards the more formal side of what’s appropriate. I know this summer the office is going to be very hot (it’s a catering company, with no AC), so I’m starting to add more hot weather wear. I’m thinking I’ll mostly be doing things like polos and short-sleeved button-ups with nicer shorts. My question is, do you have recommendations for socks/shoes that would work in this scenario?
I DO have recommendations: boat shoes. You don’t have to wear socks, and they always look appropriate with shorts. If you’re going to wear a sock, do a no-show sock and try out a loafer instead of a boat shoe. You can find men’s no-show socks here.

Harvey's Summer Look

Yadoking asks: Hi there, I’m a (quite) large guy & I’m really desperate to find some nice, well-fitting clothes that are also affordable. Do you have any suggestions? I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but I really want to improve my look/fashion.
One of my best recommendations is Old While they’re not the best fitting clothes out there, they’re definitely on-trend, and you’ll feel good wearing them. If you’re looking for something that fits a bit better, our friends at DXL have a custom shirt bar with affordable prices. You can pop in there, get your measurements done, and you’ll have a custom made shirt in no time.

Matthew Simko at the Beach

State of Arthur asks: Can you help me find a post a saw before, the outfit looks like the one from your Wear it Well: Turning Your Pants into Great Looking Shorts, I think it was taken on a beach. Thanks!
That guy is me! Here’s the picture above.

Harvey Guillen photo by Patrick McPheron

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