Answerland: Can A Fat Guy Pull Off An Undercut?

Jay de Belen shares a new look

It’s Answerland, the Chubstr feature where YOU ask the questions, and we get you answers. Ask your own questions via social media @chubstr. This week, new contributor Brittny Peloquin takes on your hairstyle and tank top related questions.

sjph000 asks : My husband is interested in changing up his style, including his hair. He really likes the close shaved sides with longer length on top, but says it’s a skinny guy hairstyle and he could never do it. Do you know of any evidence I can show him that he’s wrong about this?

When you’re ready to take your style to the next level, you have to start letting yourself believe you can “pull it off.” Trying new things feels foreign because it’s new to you, not necessarily because it’s not working. On-trend styles nudge us out of our comfort zone, and that’s a good thing. When I hear someone say they can’t pull something off, what I hear is, “I don’t want people to think I am trying to be something they think I could never be.” Eff ‘em. You can do it. With hair, it’s always worth a shot, because you can keep trying until you find your groove between your personal style and what’s hot right now.

So how do you pull it off anyway? Communicate to your barber or stylist effectively. A picture helps, even just as a starting point. The look you’re referring to is called an undercut. There are some variations on this cut. A faded undercut will give you a nice gradual look from the buzzed sides up to the longer top. A disconnected undercut has a clear line between the short sides and long top.

Erinkyan in a Bespoke Big & Tall Suit

“Hair styles don’t have a weight limit!” says LA area stylist Jarrett Baker-Wilkson. “This undercut style actually works well for people with round faces because it’s creating vertical lines which make circles less round.”

In fact, this cut is ideal since longer lengths around the sides and back create more width. Jarrett also mentions that the challenge is less in the shape of your face, and more in the effort it takes to achieve the look. Be prepared to learn how to use tools and products recommended by your barber or stylist to get it right, depending on the type of hair you have.

Tyler Jacobs and his undercut

Tyler Jacobs and his undercut

Chubstr’s own Tyler Jacobs is a great example of this cut working, thanks to Hawleywood’s Barber Shop in Costa Mesa, CA. Here is more evidence! And more! Idk who those guys are, but they can get it. Now I know you’re thinking, “But must I have a beard?” Gosh, no, but why wouldn’t you? Kidding. Check out dashing Instagrammer Waldo for clear proof that you can have a clean shave and a great disconnected undercut.

Dapper Waldo

Dapper Waldo

withasmileonourlips asks Hi, one of my friends is looking for plus size tanks, I have tried looking online for him but I can’t find anything beyond size XL? For some reason, there is always plus size tees, but no tanks in bigger sizes. Do you have any ideas of websites that might sell plus size tanks?

Sun’s out, guns out, amirite? It did take a little extra digging around to find something fun. The first suggestion I have for you is [eafl id=”81824″ name=”Old Navy Big & Tall Update Link” text=””]. They have a bunch of striped tanks and a few graphic tanks up to size 3XL. If you can spend a few extra bucks, check out LRG for tanks up to 4XL. You can buy them right from the LRG website,, or Amazon, when you just gotta have dat 2-day shipping. Amazon also has this cat tank, which I don’t know how anyone could pass up, in up to 4XL. No reviews on the sizing though, so I can’t officially endorse it. Striped Tank

someonecalltheheros In your opinion what are some good websites to buy xxl clothes? 

Such a simple question, so many ways to answer! Being in a 2XL still gives you some accessibility to styles at typically straight sized stores, and their websites even more so. For example, while you might only find a 2XL here and there in Target, they have a decent selection of affordable casual clothing for big & tall men up to 3XL on their website. You’ll find the same concept at, which is great if you need grown-up pieces like business casual outfits, coats and suits. Your junk is safe here.

A couple more sites to check out when your wardrobe needs get a little more specific:
-For high quality, rugged, outdoorsy, and/or work clothing, try Duluth Trading Company. We’re talking cargo pants that will survive the apocalypse but won’t chafe your junk.
-Want something edgy, hip, and/or urban? Check out Karmaloop for the latest in streetwear. Cuz sometimes you need an astronaut owl t-shirt and a black jean jacket. We get it.

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