Answerland: Big & Tall in Scandinavia, and Pants That Fit

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Scandinavian Bear Project asked: You americans are so bloody lucky. There is no tradition for big and tall clothes in Scandinavia. Even JC Penney and the likes doesnt ship internationally. Do you know of any european stores for good, cheap basics in the big sizes? or European focused Chubstr-like tumblrs?

Thanks for the question. There’s only one place I know of in Scandinavia that offers clothing in extended sizes, and that’s Sivletto, an amazing store in Stockholm. They offer a wide assortment of retro and rockabilly clothing for both men and women. If you want to learn more about them, read The Big Man’s Guide to Rockabilly Style here at Chubstr. As far as more mainstream stores, both Nordstrom and Macy’s ship internationally and carry clothing in sizes to 6XL (usually).

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Wes asked: I’ve got a problem, just started a new job with a biz cas dress code. I have never tucked in my shirts or worn belts except for short periods (weddings etc), having a big waist and belly make it crazy uncomfortable for me. And sitting with tight pants/belts digging into my stomach is killing me, my waist is in pain all day. I’m going shopping to enhance my work wardrobe and was wondering if you had some advice on fitting chinos and khakis and belts for big guys. I’m somewhat large, waist 42/44.

I can feel your pain. It takes a bit of adjustment to go from wearing whatever you want to actually dressing up for work, and at first glance, that can seem like it means more constricting clothing. When it comes to pants, I’ve had luck with dress pants that contain waist expanders – these allow for a bit more room in the waist, which means a lot more comfort. I picked up mine at Dillard’s, but if you look around a bit, you can find some that work for you.

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Gunnarspunk asked: Where do you guys shop?

I don’t really have one specific place I like to shop, but I can give you a few of the places that I’ve found things that work for me. I like Indochino for custom clothing, Nordstrom for a variety, PLNDR for streetwear, AE, Gap, and Dillard’s when I need things from the mall, and when all else fails, I search back through the deals section here at Chubstr to find places I’ve written about in the past that offer clothing for big guys. There are a lot of places to shop for big & tall clothing with style if you’re willing to dig deep and search around. Good luck!