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Answerland: Big Hats for Big Guys

Hats for big heads

Mr. Palmer wants to know: Obviously I’m big or I wouldn’t be here. I’m about 5’9 and weigh around 265. My problem is that I have no clue as to what  kind of hat fits us bigger guys. I’m so tired of always wearing a baseball hat and I want a different look. What are y’all’s opinions?

I’m a hat enthusiast, so we’ve covered big hats for big guys in the past. One of our favorite places to shop for hats in a variety of styles is Goorin Bros. They make a ton of hats for every size and shape of head, plus they offer them in extended sizes. See also: Brixton’s fall headwear collection.

Big and tall men's jeans are hard to find

Heavymuffintop asked: Hey, I gotta know where guys with a waist over 40 (mine is 42-44) FIND PANTS! Like, nice tailored ones that aren’t super baggy and make my butt look good. I’d prefer a skinny jean/chino style if possible. All I’ve been able to find are american eagle jeans. HELP?

(Matthew was kind enough to take on this question:) This is an easy one. Seven for all Mankind go up to 42. True Religion up to 44. Lucky Jeans  up to 42. But my tip for anyone, no matter the size, is get your jeans tailored. $60 bucks in hemming and having them take in the thighs and leg will make you wear the jeans even more, getting more for your money. I take my old jeans in to have the hem/cut refined as the styles change. All of my bootcuts have been changed to straight leg for about $30. Way cheaper than buying new.

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