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Answerland: All Black Everything

We’re taking more of your questions about style, what to wear, where to find it, and just about anything else you might be curious about. Have a question? Click here to ask it. Today, we’re talking about monochromatic outfits.

SavvyWalrus asks: I work at a museum where the dress code requires us to wear all black and I’m trying to piece together some somewhat fashionable black ensembles without much luck. I’m trying to avoid dress slacks, polos, and button ups and push the boundaries with something a bit more stylish, trendy, or fashion forward. Any ideas for a large framed man?

When it comes to black, you’ve got lots of options. Even though you’re trying to get away from basic button downs and pants, let’s start there. Instead of getting rid of what’s already in your closet, try changing up your look by adding cardigans, vests, the perfect big and tall hoodie, or some kind of jacket. Gulliva sells an unstructured black blazer ($180) with sizes to 6X that works with just about anything. Be sure to check out their jackets as well.

Levi's Big and Tall Denim Jacket

Levi’s Trucker Jacket in sizes to 5X ($50)

You could do something completely different by pairing a basic black tee with a big and tall denim jacket. ($50) This one is available to 5X.

As far as pants, consider some black jeans in a modern fit. You could try the Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit Stretch Jeans, ($79.50) with 2 black washes (a 3rd if you can get away with graphite) in sizes to 58, or you could take a look at [eafl id=”81824″ name=”Old Navy Big & Tall Update Link” text=”Old Navy big and tall jeans”] ($34.99 and up) with sizes to 44 in a variety of fits and washes.

Basically, being constrained to one color means that you can play around with more styles and looks. If it were me, I would try to run the spectrum from more basic button down, cardigan, and pants type looks, to  cool jackets, blazers and accessories like caps and scarves, while it’s still cold. Good luck!

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