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Answerland: Short Guys & Buying on a Budget

We’re answering your questions about clothing, style, and just about anything else you’re willing to ask. Send us your questions here.
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Endless Universes asks: Any advice for big short guys?
There are a few resources out there for the shorter gent. First, there’s our buddy Brock over at The Modest Man – a blog for those of us of shorter stature. While their focus isn’t exclusive to the big and tall set, he’s got great resources and a website that’s worth checking out. Check out his tips for short guys from our August article.

Also, check out our article on Muldoon’s – a store that focuses on offering clothing for those of us who are “Big, Tall, Short or Small.” They might just have what you’re looking for.

Mike in his cardigan

Xanderbander92 asks: I’m living on a smaller clothes budget, but looking to expand beyond tshirts and jeans every day. Nothing really fits me right off the rack, should I invest and get my clothes tailored or try to find a store that can fit my needs better?
If it were me, I’d look at getting your clothes tailored as you can afford it. Since nothing fits right off the rack, if you see something you really like, and it fits in the important places (waist, thigh, chest, gut, etc), you can get something tailored if it’s too long or too big or whatever. I do this all the time with jeans and pants – my waist size doesn’t equal what most apparel brands think my leg length should be, so all my pants are too long and need to be hemmed. Find yourself a good tailor and buy things as you need them (and can afford them). 

Terry in a Cardigan

Lisi10007 asks: My son is 17, 5’10 and wears a 44R jacket, 34 or 36 pants. Can you recommend some good labels for him? Shopping right now is far too tense and I want to find a store where he will feel happy and that there are attractive looks out there for him. Thanks so much!!
I would start by checking the malls and department stores. Your son is at a size where he should be able to find things that fit without too many problems at places like H&M, Gap, Old Navy, and American Eagle Outfitters, if that’s his kind of thing. If he has a unique body shape that requires a variety of sizes, check Nordstrom or Macy’s. They generally offer sizes to 5X and should be able to outfit him easily. 

As far as labels, I personally tend not to focus on specific labels. When you’re a bigger guy, it’s more about finding things that fit than it is about an affinity for any specific label. That said, I love my AG jeans, Duluth Trading Co…well, everything, and some of the shirts I’m finding at Tailor Byrd. Of course, I’m twice your 17 year old’s age! If you want to write back in and tell us a bit more about his style or what kind of clothing he’s into, we can give more specific suggestions.

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