Aeropostale Men's Extended Sizes

Aéropostale Offers Clothing for Big Men, Too

Aeropostale Men's Extended Sizes in Shirts and Pants

If you’re like me, when you think of Aéropostale, you probably think of a store that offers clothing for teens. While they do have a focus on the 14 to 17 set, in recent years, they’ve been marketing to people over 18 as well. You may also be surprised to learn that Aéropostale offers clothing for men in extended sizes.

Aeropostale Men's Jeans in Extended Size

While you shouldn’t expect the quality or selection you might find at a Nordstrom or a DXL, you’ll find tees, shorts, tanks, jeans, and outerwear in sizes to 3XL in tops and 42X32 in pants. As with most stores, the clothing options become more limited once you get past XL and 38, but they do offer a few interesting things for you to choose from.

Aeropostale Men's Shirts in Extended Sizes

If you’re looking for items to help you create a more mature style, Aéropostale isn’t the place you’ll want to shop. If you’re one of our readers who falls into the 18 – 24 range and you just want simple and fun clothing, take a look at what they have to offer.

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