7 Ways To Smell Like The Great Outdoors

7 Ways to smell like the great outdoors with these 7 products

For many of us, finding a cologne that smells decent on your skin is difficult. Most fragrances are too sweet, too sporty, or simply too overpowering. You can spend years trying different scents you find at your local department store, but still come up empty-handed. If your search has been fruitless, consider giving up on mass-produced colognes, and trying something a bit more natural. Do you like the smell of freshly-cut grass? Cedar? A Campfire? There’s a product out there for you. Below you’ll find 7 scents that’ll make you smell like the great outdoors, without having to jump in a lake, fight a bear, or sleep in a tent for the weekend.

Cedar and Citrus Everyone Soap

Everyone Soap For Men – Cedar & Citrus ($9.99, Soap.com)

Don’t let the citrus in Cedar & Citrus throw you off – the cedar smell is what stands out here. Made from mostly natural ingredients with minimal processing, you can use this liquid soap for your body, your hair, and if you’re brave, for shaving. I picked up a bottle of EO Cedar & Citrus a few months ago and use it almost exclusively. The smell stays with me, but isn’t horribly strong.

Green Elixir from C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow – Elixir Green Barber Cologne ($19.50, BigelowChemists.com)

This cologne gives off a “clean, herbaceous scent, with hints of amber, musk, and elegant woods,” all of which translates to slightly grassy, citrusy, and sandalwoody (if that’s actually a word). This is a lighter fragrance that you’ll spray on as you head out for the day. C.O. Bigelow offers a whole host of men’s grooming products at their website.

Badger Balm for dry, cracked hands

W.S. Badger Company – Badger Balm ($7.99, Badgerbalm.com)

If you work outdoors or do any kind of manual labor, you can use Badger Balm to soothe and moisturize rough, cracked hands. It smells like birch and wintegreen oils, so not only will you have soft hands, you’ll also smell like you just walked out of the woods. If one can of Badger Balm isn’t enough, the company offers it in 6 packs as well.

Lightfoot's Athletic Soap

Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Athletic Soap ($7.50, FSCBarber.com)

Liquid soaps aren’t your thing? This vegetable based natural soap bar may be right up your alley. Of course, it’ll help if you really like the smell of pine, because this soap has it in spades. Since it’s hard milled, it’ll last in the shower without dissolving for quite a long time. Lightfoot’s Pure Pine is recommended for use after doing something active like jogging, mountain climbing, or pumping iron. You know – typical stuff.

Campfire Cologne ($12.95, Campfire-Cologne.com)

You’d be forgiven for thinking this one’s a joke. Campfire Cologne is “the Tried and True scent of your best summer ever. A nostalgic ode to cooking over the fire, secret swimming holes and the unending days of youth.” Prepare for some heavy wafting, as you have to get the smoke into your clothing (and beard, if you have one) in order to wear this scent. The video above will make you want to immediately head into the forest to commune with nature, and probably grow a majestic beard.

Dirt by Demeter

Demeter Fragrance Library ($6.00 and up, DemeterFragrance.com)

If you’re looking for unique scents, Demeter Fragrance Library should be your next stop. With over 250 scents such as dirt, giant sequoia, grass, lava rock, mesquite, and whiskey tobacco, you’re bound to find something that fits your needs. You’d be hard-pressed to find so many unique fragrances bottled and safe for your skin (we’re looking at you, turpentine) anywhere else.

Juniper Ridge fragrance line

Juniper Ridge Natural Fragrances (Prices vary, JuniperRidge.com)

If you want a truly artisan product, here’s a brand that has what you’re looking for. Juniper Ridge claims to be the only company in the world harvesting, distilling and formulating their own 100% natural fragrances. They’re using techniques to create their products that were popular a century ago, foregoing synthetic fragrances and doing everything by hand. You’ll find products made with ingredients like tree pitch, conifer, bark, moss, and mushrooms for an authentic outdoor experience in the form of soaps, cologne, cabin spray, and incense. This is as outdoorsy as it gets without rolling in a pile of leaves, which we’d recommend you do anyway.

By following this list, you can smell like the great outdoors every day of the week. If you’re into natural skincare for men, be sure to add Ursa Major’s balms, washes, tonics, and new face wipes to your shopping list. Read Chubstr’s review of Ursa Major’s product line from late last year. 

Did we miss anything? Tell us about your favorite natural-smelling fragrance or skincare product in the comments below.