Answerland: Pants for the Buttless, Sweat-Free Layering

We’re taking on another round of reader questions in this edition of Answerland. Need advice? Have a style question of your own? Ask it here or hit us up @chubstr on your favorite social network, and you might see an answer in a future article.

Marie Denee and Bruce

It’s Bruce with the amazing Marie Denee – The Curvy Fashionista

Omi asks: So my hubby is a larger guy and I love him just how he is, however he lacks a butt. Like I think it may be concave! It’s freaking adorable really. I wanted to surprise him with a spiffy new outfit and dinner and a movie kinda thing. Belts don’t work, because there is nothing for them to hold on to, and his last go round with suspenders didn’t end well. I think they were too small and the clips were not meant for function and fashion. I saw nice pair of leather suspenders with what appeared to be strong hook style clips but the link was dead Any advice on keeping his britches up whilst looking good?
I’m also part of the no butt club- it makes finding jeans that fit me well a bit of a challenge. You can make it work with a belt, but it doesn’t hold up in every situation. I’d recommend trying suspenders again, but this time, make sure they’re the right size. That makes all the difference in the world. Use our Suspenders 101 guide to get started.

Justin in textures, layers, and colors

Justin in textures, layers, and colors

Cascadianheathen asks: I’m a big guy, and I try to dress nicely. Yet, I see all these guys wearing multiple layers, how do you keep from sweating all over? I have a hard time in just a button down.
Layering can be your best friend, or worst enemy, depending on the weather. The first trick to layering is to have a base layer that can absorb sweat. I start with a decent quality basic t-shirt of some kind. That’ll (usually) take care of any issues I might have. Keep in mind that in the warmer months, you need to wear lighter fabrics like linen, breathable types of cotton, or even lightweight wool (seriously). I go a little more in-depth on the best hot weather fabrics in this article at the DXL Blog.

Trying to keep from having a sweaty head? Don’t be afraid to pair an appropriate hat with whatever you’re wearing – it’ll help.

My little man

Way back when finding clothes for your kid was easy

Kathleen asks: Idk where to buy jeans for my little man. He is 8 and a big boy and the jeans I find are way too long. Any help would be greatly appreciated…I love my son and want him to look good and feel good. thank you so much.
Problems finding clothes that fit isn’t only an adult thing. If you’re a parent with a child that doesn’t fit into mainstream sizes, there aren’t a ton of places to turn. My Mom ended up buying the next size (or two) up, and then getting the jeans hemmed. I always say that having a good tailor is well worth it, so my recommendation would be to find someone near you who can cut those jeans down to size. Having clothes that fit well can make such a difference for a child, and a good tailor should be able to help you out without breaking the bank.

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