The Bigger Picture Plus Size Flash Mob

The Bigger Picture Pushes for Plus Male Inclusion at NYFW

Although NYFW pushes the boundaries of fashion, it hasn’t always done much for representation. Case in point: this year marks the first time a plus size male model has ever walked in an official event, appearing in this year’s Tommy Hilfiger show. While this is progress, we want to see more. This is what a big & tall flash mob called The Bigger Picture was pushing for during their September 10th Times Square Event.

The Bigger Picture Flash Mob 2022

The Bigger Picture: A Plus Size Male Campaign brought together more than 75 attendees for an impromptu photoshoot on the streets of Manhattan. The event was masterminded by models Cameron Boyland, Brandon Madden, Steven Green, and Soouizz Okeke.

Times Square shoots aside, attendees hope the flash mob raises awareness about the lack of diversity, inclusion, and opportunities for plus size male models at NYFW. Boyland says that while they hope that brands start booking bigger models more often, this group isn’t going to wait around for them. “Instead of asking to have a seat at the table, we’re creating our own table where everyone has a seat regardless of their shape, color, or size,”

Plus Size Male Model Flash Mob

The Bigger Picture was sponsored by big and tall retailer Johnny Bigg. Alexa Lundin, the company’s head of marketing says the company is happy to have been part of the event. “We are excited to be part of The Bigger Picture campaign and what it represents for the fashion industry. As a brand, we are all about championing big and tall men, and this gives us a platform to join the conversation whilst launching our new fall collection.”

Plus size male model flash Mob NYFW 2022

It remains to be seen if events like The Bigger Picture will cause fashion brands to include more plus size male models in future NYFW events, but the best way to see change is to call for it directly. Fingers crossed for better representation in 2023!

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