Peterson Vieira Plus Size Male Model Brazil

Peterson Vieira Talks Being a Plus Size Male Model in Brazil

With more and more brands selling big and tall clothing, there’s an increased need for plus size models. It’s not just in the United States – companies all over the world are showing bigger guys wearing the clothes they’re offering. We talk to 36 year old Peterson Vieira, a São Paulo based model and actor about how he became a model, what the Brazilian fashion industry is like and more.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into modeling?
I was born in the state of Pernambuco in the city of Olinda. In 1986, my family migrated to Sao Paulo. In October 2017, after being fired from the company I worked for, I decided to [focus on becoming a] plus size model, a dream [I had for years]. In early 2018, I hired a specialist photographer in the plus segment and shot my own photos.

Peterson Vieira

And from there you got noticed?
Now I am managed by Rock MGT and I have worked with brands like Mash, Google, Marisa, Sawary jeans, Eskala, and Netshoes among others. In March 2018 I won the Plus Model Brasil contest held in Joinville SC.

What is the plus size mens clothing industry like in Brazil? Is there a lot of work for models?
The industry is growing in Brazil, and gradually the work is following the same pace. There’s not much work for male plus size models.

Peterson Vieira Plus Size Male Model in Brazil

Where do most big guys shop for clothes in Brazil?
There are companies that work only with the plus size segment, and there are also companies that work with all [sizes]. Mais Pano, Big Shirts, Daluz, and DanG Store offer plus sizes. Riachuelo, Renner, C&A, Leader, Marisa, Lambusada, Kauê, Eskala, Mash sell large and small sizes.

Where do you personally shop?
I buy clothes from Riachuelo, Del Rey, Sawary jeans, and Kauê. Some of my favorite brands are: TZE, More Cloth, Lambusada and Mash briefs.

In the US, the idea of body positivity and acceptance of bigger people in media is becoming increasingly popular. Are you seeing this in Brazil as well?
Plus size is [slowly] becoming more popular in Brazil. We strive to get our own space and we are catching up because today we can see the biggest people in advertising, fashion shows, TV, movies, etc.

It is still difficult for many bigger men to find clothes. What would you like to see more of in big & tall / plus size fashion?
In Brazil, the internet ends up being the best option for those who wear larger sizes to buy clothes. Most [big & tall] clothes do not follow fashion trends. I would like to see more cool and mainstream styles.

What are you currently working on?
My project at the moment is to finish the drama course, study singing, and continue the plus size work.

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