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Joyn, the Body Inclusive Fitness Platform, to Shut Down August 30th

The fitness industry has never really embraced bigger people. In 2018, Joyn created a body-neutral movement platform to change that. The idea behind the platform was to offer a judgment-free, no-diet talk destination for people to enjoy movement. According to an update on their website and social channels, the Joyn website (and presumably the app) will be shutting down August 30th.

Here’s why Joyn was different

The fitness industry has traditionally been unwelcoming to people in “non-traditional” bodies. The primary focus of movement in many corners of fitness culture is weight loss. Plus size people have been told for decades that they will only be worthy if they change their bodies to fit an unrealistic ideal. Joyn pushed back against that with classes that were made to be accessible for everyone.

Instructor Charles Abouzied

Joyn’s classes ranged from yoga, dance, and tai-chi, to strength training, cardio, and HIIT. Low-intensity, seated versions of workouts were available for those who needed them, and high-energy classes for folks who wanted that. Even the platform’s instructors were more representative of the plus size audience they were trying to reach. The company understood that customers want to see people who look like them reflected in the products and services they use.

Joyn Youtube Page

Joyn is going away, but their videos are not…

Joyn may be going away, but many of the existing video classes will still be accessible to those who need them. Once the website is deactivated on or after August 30th, you’ll be able to watch the videos on their YouTube page.

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There are many other fitness and movement platforms out there, but none that represented plus size people as well as Joyn. While we’re unsure why the site is closing, hopefully this isn’t the last time we see an inclusive, body-neutral movement platform on the internet. In the meantime, enjoy the videos on their YouTube page and check out their website before it goes away for good.

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