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AllGo Launches Free Plus Size Stock Photo Collection

Sometimes, you set out to create one thing and realize that there are other things that need to be created as well. Rebecca Alexander, Founder of AllGo, the accessibility app for plus size people noticed a lack of plus size people being represented in stock photography and wanted to do something about it. Today the company unveiled its first collection of plus size stock photos, called The Home Collection.

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“I was sick of looking at pictures of plus-size women staring at hamburgers,” said Alexander, who points out that most stock photography featuring plus size people fails to depict them doing everyday things. This collection does exactly that by showing bigger models reading, cooking, or enjoying a drink together.

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Better representation helps everyone. “We need more photos that reflect the reality that being plus-size is normal and not a disease,” says photographer Michael Poley, who shot and edited the photos in the collection. According to AllGo, the photos are meant to be used by a wide variety of content creators, not just those focused on plus size issues. This is one of the reasons the company made the images available free for any type of use.

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AllGo plans to release more plus size stock photo collections in the future, including collections featuring more male / masculine models. If you are interested in modeling and are based in the Portland, Oregon area, you can apply below:

AllGo’s Home Collection is available at their website and on the free stock photo site, Unsplash. Check out all the plus size stock photos currently available and download the AllGo app for iOS and Android here.

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