12 Grand Challenge

12-Grand Wants You to Tell Your Favorite Brands You Want Bigger Sizes

We all want to see more companies add extended sizes to their lines. Unfortunately, things are only slowly progressing. Swedish t-shirt company 12-Grand is encouraging you to do that with their recently launched Grand Size Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge is simple. “The Grand Size Challenge is an appeal to a brand of your choosing to extend their size range, or maybe even create a specific garment or clothing line that you would totally buy if they only made it in your size,” says 12-Grand Founder Peter Lundgren.

12-Grand Big & Tall Model
Photo: 12-Grand

According to the 12-Grand website, beginning today, 11/13, you can use the hashtag #grandsizechallenge in social messages to your favorite brands to let them know you want them to offer extended sizes. Learn more about 12-Grand and their new big & tall t-shirt subscription service here.

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