Yeti fall 2021 collection

Thing Of The Week: YETI Fall 2021 Collection

If you couldn’t get your hands on YETI’s 15th-anniversary cooler before it sold out, you can still grab items from their new fall 2021 collection, featuring new special edition colors. Harvest (red), Highlands (green), and Sharptail (taupe) are inspired by the tastes, sights, and sounds of the great outdoors.

Each hue represents a specific aspect of nature. Highlands is inspired by the green hills of Scotland, Harvest is inspired by the deep colors of good red wine, and Sharptail evokes memories of the prairie sky.

Yeti highlands collection

You’ll find an assortment of coolers, tumblers, backpacks, jugs, and more available in both Harvest and Highlands colors. Sharptail is available in most products, but as of this writing, there aren’t coolers available in that specific color.

All three colors are only available for a limited time. Once they sell out, they’re gone. Pick up your favorite products with prices ranging from $24 (for a wine tumbler) to $399 (for a hard-wheeled cooler) at

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