McDonald's Scented Candles

Missed Out on McDonald’s Scented Candles? See What’s in Their Fan Club Shop

Remember last week when everybody was talking about the McDonald’s scented candles? If you were so inclined, you could make your home smell like a quarter pounder. Turns out, many people wanted to do exactly that, and the candles quickly sold out. Did you miss out? Don’t fret, my friend! There are other things for sale on the McDonald’s fan club site, including a few available in extended sizes.

McDonald's Big & Tall Hoodie

Sesame Seed Zip Hoodie

Love Mickey D’s but don’t want to overdo it? This full-zip hoodie with custom white interior and gold sesame seed design is what you want. Sizes are available to 3X, but the product description says the hoodie is a slim fit. Lucky for you, there’s a fit guide on the page. $60.

McDonald's Sesame Seed Socks

Sesame Seed Socks

Add an accent to your look with these bright yellow sesame seed socks. These bad boys are one size fits most, and if you’re a fan of colorful accessories, these are the socks for you. $20.

McDonald's Big & Tall Loungewear Set

World Famous Fries Lounge Set

Sometimes you just want to kick around the house dressed like an order of fries. This lounge wear set allows you to do just that. The cotton blend v-neck shirt and matching shorts are available in sizes to 3X for $35.

McDonald's Sesame Seed Umbrella

Sesame Seed Umbrella

Look, you can’t go wrong with a good umbrella. The sesame seed theme is just an added bonus. This automatic opening, 44″ umbrella (9″ length when closed) sports a plastic handle and can be yours for $30. Pair it with the hoodie and socks mentioned above for the sesame seed trifecta.

McDonald's Pin Set

McDonald’s Meal Pin Set

Add to your pin collection with this set of 3 enamel photo dome pins featuring a Big Mac, Fries, and a Happy Meal. $12.

See everything available at the McDonald’s Fan Club website by clicking here.

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