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Would You Wear a BBQ Cologne?


To some, it sounds like a joke. To others – a dream come true. BBQ sauce company Pork Barrel BBQ has created what they claim is the world’s first barbecue-scented fragrance, called Que. Made from a blend of aromas ranging from spices, smoke, meat, and something they call sweet Summer sweat, it’s certainly not like anything you’ve experienced before. “With Que, anyone can smell like a summer barbeque and share that experience and the wonderful aromas that come with it with everyone around them,”  says Heath Hall, President and co-founder of Pork Barrel BBQ.

They also say Que might be just what you need if you’re trying to…attract a mate. Straight from their press release:

Pork Barrel BBQ says this first-of-its-kind Eau de Barbeque will change the way men and women interact when they indulge in this specially blended cologne and perfume. Women using Que will become the center of attention of members to the opposite sex. Men who use it will exude the masculine scents that women find irresistible. They also believe Que has the potential to change the fragrance industry for the better by making the everyday smells of outdoor barbequing a unique alternative to more traditional brands.

You can view a series of Que commercials at their website:

Would you use Que? Would you mind if someone you knew did? Let us know what you think in the comments.