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Where’s My Size, Threadless?

Welcome to the second installment of our September series, Where’s My Size. We’re taking a look at some big name brands and retailers and publicly asking the question we’ve asked ourselves a million times – where’s my size? The four companies you’ll find in this feature offer stylish clothing and a great shopping experience, but little to nothing in the way of extended sizes. Each week, we’ll present you with a brand or retailer, what they have to offer, and why we’d happily shop with them if they offered their products in a wider variety of sizes.

We don’t talk a lot about t-shirts here at Chubstr. You already know where to go when you want a tee, and frankly, that’s not what you’re looking for when you visit the site. In fact, there’s only one company we’ve featured here that specializes in tees, and that’s Threadless. If you’re unfamiliar with them, Threadless is a community-based t-shirt company that prints designs created and chosen by its members. This makes for a wide selection of really fun and creative designs that, if they run out of stock and you own one, tend to be unique to you.

Bruce from Chubstr wearing a Threadless Tee

In the past, Threadless offered shirts in sizes to 3XL. In fact, I own 5 of them, and they’re just about the only tees I still wear regularly. Recently, they’ve been phasing out 3XL, much to the chagrin of customers who love the community and designs found there. Upon researching, we were unable to figure out why they’ve done away with this size, though there’s speculation that the new types of tees they use aren’t available in that size. If you wear XXL or smaller, you’re in luck – Threadless has a variety of tees, hoodies, and polos for your to choose from, and we definitely recommend you take a look at the latest designs – there are a ton of great ones.

Another favorite shirt from ThreadlessIf you can’t fit into one of their shirts and you really dig a specific design, you can pick up a bag, iPhone case, apron, scarf, or even some wall art from Threadless instead. We love the community they’ve built and hope that the company considers offering shirts in 3XL again in the future. They’ll definitely have customers in us and some of our readers here at Chubstr.

Threadless Alternatives

Though there are a few companies out there selling interesting tees, none of them are doing it as well as Threadless. Take a look at BustedTees for some interesting shirts to 3XL (I’ll be picking up the Heisenberg myself), Zazzle for sizes to 6XL, or T-Shirt Hell, who lives up to their slogan “Where all the bad shirts go” for sizes to 5XL.

Update: We reached out to Threadless for comment, and it seems as though they’re considering ways to bring back extended sizes in the future. They said they did away with that size due to low demand, but now that 3XL is gone, they’re getting feedback from customers who want to buy clothing in that size. We’re hoping to speak with someone at the company to bring you more information on this in the near future. As soon as we have more info, we’ll pass it along.