What’s Next For Chubstr?

Our mission here at Chubstr is to show the world that big guys know how to create and show off their unique personal style. We do that through articles, interviews with interesting people, and reader photo submissions. Last month, we were in St. Louis, Missouri for a set of photo shoots that you’ll see on the site in the next few weeks. Sometimes, the camera gets turned on you (when you least expect it):


Which is exactly what happened when photographer extraordinaire Abbie Rudolph of Abbie Takes Pictures was between shots of the actual model for this particular shoot. She took a few shots of me totally unprepared and managed to make them look pretty great. As you’ll see in the upcoming shoots she did for us, she has a knack for that.

We’ve got a lot of cool things in store for you in the month of June that we think will move forward our mission of showing that big guys have just as much style as anyone else. We’ll be sharing the people (and things) that inspire us, recommendations for chubby guy friendly shopping, music, giveaways, and of course, more photo shoots and submissions.


Thanks for being part of this and checking out Chubstr. We’re all excited for what the future holds, and we hope you are too. As always, leave us your comments on what you like and what you’d like to see more of. You can also contact us directly or just send us your photos here.

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