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The I Exist Project Founder

The I Exist Project Helps You Celebrate Your Life Online

The I Exist Project Website

The I Exist Project is an interesting idea dreamed up by 28 year old actor/writer Alex Jimenez of New York City. While it’s still in the very early stages of getting established, the project has gained a few contributors that show there’s an opportunity for this to grow into something much larger. According to the site, the I Exist Project’s goal is to serve as a “platform for the entire human population to personally reach out and make their existence known. ‘I Exist’ is every individual person’s opportunity to celebrate their own life and share it with the world.” That’s a pretty lofty goal. I talked to Alex via email to learn how the project got started and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a 28 year-old actor and writer living in New York. I audition, I write scripts, and I wait tables as a day job. I live with my boyfriend and my 9-month old puppy. The website and idea is my own – it’s essentially not much more than an idea put together on Tumblr. Given the site’s progression, I do want to eventually create a professional site and domain for the project. But for now, it  shall have to thrive in its simplicity.

I Exist Project's Founder, Alex Jimenez

Why did you decide to start the project? I decided to start the project because I believe in diversity, and I believe that the more we are able to connect and understand what we do not know, the more united we will become. The I exist project is, to me, a chance for people to see a broader picture of the diversity of people who populate this world along with them. I want the chance for people to give their own account of life, and display the vast differences of religion, ethnicity, politics, sexuality and personality – all in one place.

What kind of information should people submit if they want to be part of the project? People who want to be part of the project can submit virtually anything. I’d ask that they send a picture (face shot), a brief bio, their name, age, and any social networking feeds they care to share. However, if a person submits only a picture, or only a bio, it will still be posted.

What are your long term goals for the project? I see the project as being inspirational. Id like to think the project can be a source of entertainment; to be able to seen and read about that connects with so many different people.
If you’d like to submit your story to the I Exist Project, click this link to get started.