The Bulky Boy Clothing Co Wants You to Embrace the Rolls offers sizes from M - 6XL

The guys at Bulky Boy Clothing Co. have been making high quality menswear in sizes M to 6XL for more than 5 years. While you’ll find a focus on activewear, you don’t have to be an ultimate fighter to wear their gear – they offer everything from cargo shorts, to hoodies, to aprons. I spoke with Dom, Bulky Boy’s General Manager about the company’s beginnings, their team, and the brotherhood that makes up the core of the brand.

Tell us a little bit about Bulky Boy. How long has the company been around and how did you get started? Bulky Boy has been around since 2006. The owner came up with the concept back in 2000. He was on a trip with a good friend of his who used to be a professional surfer and they were talking about how easy it was to pack on the pounds as life moved forward; having kids, sitting behind a desk at the job, and so on. Somehow during that conversation, the name Bulky Boy came up and kind of stuck in their heads. They ended up coming up with a logo and launched their first product with Hawaii as their test market. They saw strong sales and felt like it had legs, so they went with it. Bulky Boy is a brotherhood that represents strength and honor and is focused on having an active lifestyle no matter what size you are. We’re trying to include as many people as we can into this by offering sizes from M to 6XL.

I like that you’re aware of and pointing out that there are big guys out there that are active and want clothes that reflect their lifestyle. You’ve got a variety of types of clothing that are usually hard to find when you head out to places like the mall or the department store. People have taken a liking to the brand because of what we offer. We pride ourselves in the quality of the products. They’re sturdy and made to resist wear and tear and to outlive other brands. We expect guys to be hard on the clothing and made it to handle that. All of our t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and our cargo shorts are a lightweight microfiber, so they’re really breathable and quick dry, which is helpful when you’re outdoors and it’s hot.

We’ve got some new board shorts made from a polyester microfiber as well as shorts we call The Kush – it feels like you’re wearing nothing when you’re wearing them. We run from sizes 32 to 56 in all of our shorts, so there’s something for almost everyone.

Bulky Boy Size Chart

The Bulky Boy Size Chart

What kind of guy shops at Bulky Boy? That’s the great thing about the brand – we’re not really pigeonholed into one specific type of guy. We cater to regular guys who like the clothes for the designs as well as NFL players who like the fit and the feel. It’s all about that brotherhood and offering clothes that different sizes of guys can wear.

I saw that you have a team section and it covers a lot of area – from surfers, to motocross, to strongmen. Can you tell us how that came about? When the owner and his friend came up with Bulky Boy, they were both surfers. As the group grew and more friends got involved, and the company’s following grew, we met more people who did these things, so it made sense to include them in the site.

You’ve got poker sets, air fresheners and towels, as well as a few other non-clothing items. Do you plan to keep expanding this side of things? We’re always adding fun things to the site. The latest thing is aprons. A couple of the guys are 3X/4X and they’re chefs, so they look kind of funny wearing the regular size apron, you know? [laughs] The poker set was one of the first things we did and that went over well, so now we’re looking at doing some other things as we go along.

Bulky Boy and Solomon Ortiz

Bulky Boy and Solomon Ortiz

You’ve got a little bit of everything and it’s nice to be able to go to one place to find what you’re looking for. That doesn’t happen very often when you’re a bigger guy. Definitely. We try to offer the things that people are looking for but might not always immediately think about, like hats. We offer 3 sizes of hats: S/M, L/XL and then one we call the double XL. We’re really able to clothe just about anyone. People will come in and buy three or four pair of something because it actually fits.

What’s coming up for Bulky Boy moving forward? We’ll be doing two large Polynesian festivals here in Southern California in September – Huntington Beach and San Diego. You can find info for both of those on our site.


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