Harvey Guillen New Years Eve

#TBT: New Year’s Eve Party of One With Harvey Guillen

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]t’s the end of the day, but there’s still time for a Throwback Thursday! This week, we take a trip back with our friend Harvey Guillen – back to New Year’s Eve, 2016, where, as you can see, he was living it up.

If you haven’t read our interview with Harvey from the beginning of the month, check it out here. He talks about his favorite acting experiences, and what he’s learned about himself over the last year. In that article, he shares one of his biggest takeaways from last year:

“I met other plus size people like Tess Holliday, and I love how everyone is doing their part to represent and own their beauty no matter what size they are. I’m still the same person in the great professional pics as the one with the eyes crossed and messy hair every morning. Maybe sometimes we need to stop and see the beauty in everyone as the human beings they are.”

Photographer Angel V. Prado caught Harvey in all his New Year’s Eve splendor, and Robert Bryan handled grooming. See more of Angel’s work here.

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