Beef. Just Beef.


In our society beef has become the ultimate “dude food”. We can thank cowboys for that one. It’s right up there with beer and whisky. When done right, its mind blowing. But cook it just a little too long, or use the wrong cut of meat for for your recipe and your tastebuds are doomed. With grilling season upon up, we wanted to give you a “beef guide” of sorts. Here’s something for you to refer back to when you’re at the butcher trying to decide what to cook up for dinner and a couple of recipes that will become your go-to favorites.

 Beef on the Grill

Summertime is ultimate grilling season. We head outside with our slabs of beef, fire up the grill, and attempt to cook it to perfection. But really, what cut of beef is the best? We’ve done some testing in the Chubstr Kitchen (ok, fine – it’s a grill on the sidewalk) and have come to the conclusion that an inexpensive cut of beef like London Broil turns out perfectly on the grill.

In our tests we used a simple balsamic glaze recipe that is easy enough for any cooking level. Rub the beef down with the glaze, throw it on the grill for 4 minutes on each side and you’ve got enough perfectly tender medium rare steak to feed a crowd. Its a great option for when you have guests, or for when you’re really hungry.

Other uses: Try it for steak fajitas or with Greek yogurt and cucumbers in a pita.


Beef on the Stove

Ok, so you don’t have a grill. Lots of us live in the city where outdoor space is at a premium. This is when you fire up the trusty old stove and get to cooking. When making steak in a pan always use stainless steel and this super simple skirt steak recipe. 1 pound will easily feed 2 people and the list of ingredients is really short (plus with that much butter how could it be bad?).

If you’re in the market for a higher quality piece of meat (you balla you) try the same recipe with filet mignon. As with all cuts of beef, make sure to let it rest for a least 5 minutes before you cut into it (against the grain) and serve. This will allow the cooking process to finish and for the juices to redistribute into the meat. This is a great recipe for the novice cook and is a real home run if you’re cooking for someone special.

The Gates to Meat HeavenLeaving the Beef to the Professionals

If you really want to skip cooking altogether, there are great steakhouses in every city. We were lucky enough to be invited to DelFriscos Grille in Chestnut Hill, MA for an afternoon of menu tasting and conversation. Their lunch menu is extensive and anchored with a 12oz filet mignon served with a loaded potato cake along side (that’s like a twice baked potato on steroids). The beef was perfectly medium rare erring on the side of rare.

Tips From a Chef

We spoke with the Executive Chef to get some tips on ordering steak when eating out. He mentioned to first look for preparation such as grilled or broiled and second note the seasonings. Also, while a filet is the common go-to in a steak house, you might want to opt for his personal favorite; a ribeye prepared medium with melted Danish blue cheese. You can find us bellied up the bar this weekend enjoying that very steak.  With several iterations of DelFrisco’s (Double Eagle Steakhouse, Grille & Sullivans) throughout the country there’s bound to be one near your home or vacation destination.

There you have it, our take on beef. What’s your favorite cut or preparation? Sound off in the comments. We’d love to try it out.

Featured photo by Anotherpintplease on Flickr.

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