Rogue’s Beard Beer Is Made With Yeast From An Actual Beard

Rogue Beard Beer - brewed with real beard yeast

We’re fans of beards and of beer, so when the two come together, it’s worth a mention. Oregon’s Rogue Ales is known for creating unique and interesting brews, but they still surprised (and potentially grossed out) a lot of people when they introduced The Beard Beer – beer created with yeast from their Brewmaster’s beard.

We’ll give you a minute to let that soak in.

Now that you’ve had some time to gag, you’ll be happy to know there aren’t any stray hairs floating around in this beer. In fact, it looks just like any other beer we’ve ever seen. Confused? Here’s Rogue’s own description, straight from the side of the bottle:

Dedicated to Beards, Beard Beer is brewed with a yeast created from Brewmaster John Maier’s Beard. No Need to freak out, Brewers have used wild yeasts in beer making for centuries. John has had the same Old Growth Beard since 1983 and for over 15,000 brews, so it is no great suprise that a natural yeast ideal for brewing was discovered in his beard.

What does Beard Beer taste like? Try it, we think you’ll be suprised…

Bottles of Rogue Beard Beer

How does Beard Beer taste?

In the interests of science and journalism, we’ve procured a bottle and tested it out for you. It’s not a very heady beer – fairly easy to pour. At first taste, there’s a bit of sweetness, but nothing too overpowering. Overall, the Beard Beer was more drinkable than expected. To everyone’s relief, there’s not even a hint of wet beard or sweaty chin in the brew. Though it isn’t the best beer I’ve ever had, I would certainly drink it again.

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