PlusInc Wants to Advance Size Acceptance

Introducing PlusInc

There’s a new nonprofit on the scene with the goal of promoting equal and fair treatment of people of all sizes. Washington D.C. based PlusInc, has a pretty specific goal:

…to Promote the Equal and Fair Treatment of People of All Sizes; National nonprofit size acceptance organization strives to better engage advocates, businesses, educational institutions and strategic partners to foster a size-friendly society without discrimination or stigma

They plan to reach that goal by spearheading a number of initiatives, such as offering “Accessibility Resources, Size-Friendly Social Network, Size-Friendly National Business Directory, Size-Friendly Health & Wellness Directory, Size-Friendly Conflict Resolution Trainings & Workshops, and a “Words Matter” Educational Campaign.”

Full Disclosure: I am a PlusInc board member. We don’t often directly discuss the issues or politics of being plus size here, but with such a lack of representation out there for people of size, I think it’s important to have something like this available to people who need it.

If you’re interested in learning more about PlusInc, or becoming a member, visit the site at or follow them on Twitter at @PlusIncUSA

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