Non Traditional Valentine’s Day Ideas

Call it a Hallmark Holiday, Call it frivolous, Call it cliché and you wouldn’t be wrong. But try as you might, if you have a significant other, you’re bound to get roped into celebrating Valentine’s Day. We’re guilty too, but we’ve come up with a few alternatives to the flowers, chocolate and an overpriced dinner. You could call it a “non traditional Valentine’s Day,” but we just like it call it “better”.

Photo: Grubhub
Photo: Grubhub

Come February 14th flowers are on everyone’s mind. Emails start popping up in your inbox about the “best flowers” to send and guys are on the corner peddling a dozen roses for $10 (which is a damn good deal). But we recommend skipping the flower delivery and advocate for lunch delivery. For the cost of the cheapest flower arrangement out there, around $40, you can send a really awesome lunch. It’s unexpected and more thoughtful than sending flowers. If you’re looking to score extra brownie points (and who isn’t), you could sacrifice your own lunch hour and hand deliver lunch to your sweetie. We like to call that a double whammy.

Photo: Shalbs
Photo: Shalbs

Good chocolate is awesome, but bad chocolate is just plain, well… bad. Most of the stuff that’s geared towards Valentine’s Day comes off the shelf of a drugstore and falls under the “bad” category. Our non-traditional option is to swap out the heart shaped box of chocolate for cupcakes. Every bakery across the country is making cupcakes these days and great deals are readily available. Give a call to your local bakery to see if half a dozen is available for pick up or delivery.

Photo: Barron
Photo: Barron

Well it’s time for the“romantic” “fancy” dinner, right?. Wrong. It always seems the harder you try, the less romantic it is. We’re advocates of being true to yourself and that’s no different on Valentine’s Day. Dinner happens every night of the week, but taking a cooking class, sushi rolling class or attending a painting night is extra special and creates unique memories you’ll hold on to. Literally everyone will be talking about where they went to dinner on Valentine’s Day, but you’ll get to talk about how you samurai sliced through sushi you personally hand rolled.
To find out where events like this are happening in your area, check out deal sites like Groupon, Living Social or Gilt City.

Page Fifty Five
Photo: Page Fifty Five

Whatever you decide to do tomorrow night, be creative and unique. That goes for the card too. We love the designs at Page Fifty Five which offers handmade greeting cards, prints, embroidery and other creative goods. Plus they encourage custom orders! Their products go way beyond Valentine’s day and are available on Etsy.

Shhh…you didn’t hear it from us, but when in doubt; cheesy boxers or lingerie are a hit every time.

What are you getting your significant other for Valentines Day? Tell us in the comments below.

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