Man of the Week: The Dancing Man

Many of us have had to deal with body shaming and ridicule on the internet. We’re unfortunately aware of the trolls and the fat-shamers – two of the downsides of this amazing tool we use daily to stay connected and share our lives. Last week, photographs began circulating online of a big guy dancing in a crowd at a public event. The two photos show before and after the man realized that the people taking his photo were laughing at him.

Dancing man

This story could have ended the way most online bullying stories end, but the post caught the attention of Cassandra Fairbanks, with The Free Thought Project, who decided to track the man down with the hopes of organizing an event for him while raising funds for an anti-bullying charity. Here’s the invitation they put together:

Searching for the dancing man

Cassandra’s message went viral and the dancing man was finally tracked down. His name is Sean, he’s London based, and he now has a Twitter account: @dancingmanfound. He’s also up for attending the event in L.A.

Now that they’ve found Sean, the party is being planned. What was going to be an event for 1800 people seems to be turning into something much bigger, thanks an outpouring of support from around the world. Even celebs like Pharrell, Moby, and Ellie Goulding are interested in playing the party. According to Fairbanks, the event will be taking place at the L.A. Coliseum, though details are still being worked out.

Dancing man found

In a sea of negativity, trolling, and shaming, it’s great to see people working together to lift each other up. Follow Cassandra on Twitter at @CassandraRules to follow the story, find out how to donate, and learn more about the party as the details come together.