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Help Kelvin Davis Start the Notoriously Dapper Foundation

Blogger, author and model Kelvin Davis has been on fire for the last few years. Whether modeling for brands like Target or releasing his first book, the man is blazing his own path. Now, Davis is giving back with the launch of the Notoriously Dapper Foundation.

notoriously dapper foundation

What is the Notoriously Dapper Foundation?

One of the core ideas behind Notoriously Dapper is that an important part of style is how you carry yourself and how you treat others. Not everyone gets the same access to these cornerstones of character building, and that’s why Davis wants to use the foundation as a way to give underprivileged youth the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves. There will be a specific focus on dressing well, etiquette and character building, all of which are covered in his recently released book.

Davis, who is also a teacher, plans to take the Notoriously Dapper Foundation on tour. The ‘Be Your Own Man Tour’ will allow him to travel to number of middle and high schools to talk to kids about being the best version of themselves they can be, finding their own way and not being what society tells them they have to be. All things that many of us don’t learn until much later in life.

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How You Can Help the Notoriously Dapper Foundation

Davis’ own words sum up the reasoning behind the Notoriously Dapper Campaign best:

Our mission is to instill the best for these young men in order for them to prosper in life. We want them to have a fair chance and be able to compete fairly despite their home or neighborhood circumstances. Help us make a change today!

Help Kelvin Davis make the Notoriously Dapper Foundation a reality by contributing to his GoFundMe campaign here. Learn more about the man himself at his website,, or on Instagram where he’s @notoriouslydapper.

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