Big Questions with Zach Miko
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Introducing Big Questions with Zach Miko

Being a bigger person in today’s culture isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it’s good to have someone to talk to. That’s why we’re kicking off Big Questions with Zach Miko, a weekly advice column written by IMG’s first Brawn model.

Answering the Questions People Are Afraid to Ask

Every Wednesday, Zach will take on questions about the topics that many plus size people are afraid to talk about publicly. He’ll give advice on love and relationships, self esteem, body image, insecurities and more. There aren’t a lot of places to turn for this type of advice, and Zach will share his thoughts and experiences to help you out.

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Ask Questions Anonymously

We’re taking the potential for embarrassment out of the question asking process so you can feel comfortable asking anything. Send Zach your questions anonymously using the form below. It can be difficult to ask deeply personal questions, but we want to make it as easy as possible.

Read the First Column Next Wednesday

Big Questions with Zach Miko officially starts next week. Send in your questions and get answers! Want more Zach? Listen to his podcast, Big Things With Zach Miko. On this week’s episode, I’m his special guest and we talk about the body image, modeling, and share more details about this new Chubstr column.