Hopsy Delivers The New Best Thing in Beer

Hands on with Hopsy

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We live in exciting times if you appreciate convenience. With just a few clicks or swipes, you can have dinner delivered, movie streamed, laundry picked up, masseuse at your door, dog walked, and kids picked up. The only thing missing from this most epic Netflix and chill night ever is a tasty adult beverage. Thanks to local draft beer delivery service Hopsy, you’re covered.

Launched earlier this year from their Albany, California shop with limited service in the San Francisco Bay Area, Hopsy delivers growlers of local California microbrews from store-to-door. Pick a time, pick your brews, and the beer flows. It’s that easy.

Hopsy Growlers

Photo: Wry Toast Photos

Hopsy Brings Local Beer to Your Door

It’s not just any beer coming to your door, either. With growlers tagged as “filled and sealed at the brewery,” Hopsy’s selection is hyper-local and hard to come by without making a special stop at the brewery itself.

Now, not only do you not have to put pants on to go to the store; you don’t have to resign yourself to choosing between big brand 1% ABV caramel colored piss waters.

A tasty hopsy drink

Photo: Wry Toast Photos

Lazy beer aficionados can track favorite beers and even read profiles about the brewers behind the bottles through the Hopsy website, for maximum efficiency and exploration in future beer selection.

Gentlemen, when getting beer delivered means having better selection than Bevmo!, it’s a brave new world we live in. A better world if you ask us. Learn more about Hopsy at their website: http://hopsy.beer

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