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Help Our Own Matthew Simko Become the New Every Man Jack

Matthew's Tee & Shorts Combo

Every Man Jack, purveyor of high quality and affordable men’s grooming products, is holding a contest to find their next spokesperson, and our own Matthew Simko has entered to win. The lucky winner gets a trip to Las Vegas, gets featured in Every Man Jack advertising, and gets product for a year. Not too shabby, eh?

Matthew's Every Man Jack page

I asked Matthew why he entered (aside from the sweet trip to Vegas), and he said:

In past years, they’ve had winners with a focus on health and weight loss, but they’ve never had a big guy win. I entered in part to show that you can be a healthy and active “everyman” and still be a fat guy.
If you’re interested in voting for Matthew, you can do so at his Every Man Jack entrant page right here.