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Chubstr In Your Ear #10

Get the Chubstr In Your Ear Week 10 Playlist

Chubstr In Your Ear #10

It’s Sunday, and that means a brand spankin’ new playlist for you to listen to. Every night at 8CST we post our song of the day on the Chubstr Tumblr, and then on Sundays we post the playlist to Spotify for you to grab and listen to. The songs in our latest playlist were chosen by our good friend, musician Christian Cameron.

Get the In Your Ear Week 10 Playlist here

Track Listing:

#1 So Cruel – U2 (Christian’s pick was the Depeche Mode cover of So Cruel, but it’s not available on Spotify)
#2 Enough – SONOIO
#3 Single Blip – VCMG
#4 Immigrant Song – Karen O & Trent Reznor
#5 Telling Ghosts – Puscifer
#6 Modern Love – David Bowie
#7 Vyrisus – Skinny Puppy (unavailable on Spotify – enjoy SP’s “Tin Omen”)

Christian threw in Miles Away/The Truth Is by Depeche Mode for good measure. You can get previous week’s playlists by visiting our Spotify profile. Check our tumblr tomorrow for a new week of songs!

Photo by fabbio at flickr