Playboy: Myth of the Chubby Chaser
Photo: Playboy

Fat Bodies are Worthy of Love


This week, Playboy published an article about the myth of the chubby chaser. It basically pushes back against the idea that fat people aren’t deserving of love and can only be fetishized. Our culture would lead you to believe that we’re all lazy, socially awkward shut-ins who offer nothing to the world at large. That same culture tries to tell us in many different ways that we’re unworthy of dignity, attention and love. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Writer Amanda Scriver does a great job of laying out the problem and breaking the myth apart. She talks to Corissa Enneking of Fat Girl Flow, Dawn Serra, the sex & relationship coach who founded the Explore More Summit (and hosts the kick ass podcast, Sex Gets Real) and me, among others. In the article, I talk about the fact that fat men are often overlooked or discarded by mainstream culture because of their size.

There’s a lot more to uncover in the piece that you should read for yourself. The article serves as a great introduction to a potentially new idea for a lot of people: we all deserve to feel desired, sexy and wanted, no matter what our size. Read it over at