The Speckled Hen, Nashville, TN

Eat This Now: Sunday Brunch at Nashville’s The Speckled Hen

The Speckled Hen at the Nashville Farmer's Market, Nashville, TN

The Speckled Hen in Nashville, Tennessee has the right idea: Open up only one day a week, for about 4 hours, and serve great food that’ll make people line up to get in next time you’re open. The farm to table brunch at the Nashville Farmers’ Market is only available Sundays from 10 – 2pm. Michael Moranski and Rachel Hinson create simple, locally sourced cuisine that “reflects the climate, the seasons, and the farms of middle Tennessee. We strive to offer both sustainable food as well as a sustainable price.” Luckily for hungry customers, that means no menu item costs more than $7.50.

In line for food at The Speckled Hen, Nashville TN

Though the menu at The Speckled Hen changes, you’ll regularly find omelets, crêpes, granola parfaits, iced teas, and a few other tasty surprises available. You can check their Facebook page for the latest menu, or scope it out on their chalkboard when you visit. Though they’re only open a few hours a week right now, it won’t be surprising to see them expand as more people find out what The Speckled Hen has to offer.

Tasty brunch at The Speckled Hen, Nashville TN

The Speckled Hen
Nashville Farmer’s Market Building
900 Rosa Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN 37208
(802) 922-0953
The Speckled Hen on Facebook

 Photos via The Speckled Hen Facebook Page

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