Dining with Spencer Pablo

Tyler, Spencer, and Bruce

Tyler, Spencer, and Bruce

One of the best things about being part of something like Chubstr is the community that has grown around it. Getting the opportunity to learn about our reader’s stories is so fulfilling – it’s the reason that the site is still here after almost 5 years. Last week, Mr. Tyler Jacobs and I had the opportunity to have dinner with photographer Spencer Pablo and his wife Trisha. You can’t visit PDX without a stop at a food cart or two, so we met up, ate a bit, and talked about photography, style, Chubstr, and more.

Spencer is one of Sony’s Artisans of Imagery, a program that includes some of the most respected photographers in the world. They all have a unique perspective, and shoot with Sony Alpha cameras. After hanging with him for a few hours and seeing how he took the photo of the three of us above, I’m amazed by how easy he makes it look. I assure you my photos never look like that. Here’s one more photo he took during his trip to Oregon:

Spencer Pablo Photography

Photo by Spencer Pablo

In addition to sweet photography skills, Spencer is also a computer scientist. I’m consistently amazed by our readers! See more of Spencer’s work on his Instagram page, or at Spencerpablophotography.com.

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