Chubstr Crush: Chastity Garner

Chubstr Crush: Chastity Garner, Fashionista and Blogger

Meet Chastity Garner

Style consultant, fashionista, and author Chastity Garner knows her stuff. Not only does she help plus size women define and refine their style, she also created The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style (in both blog and book format) to give women everywhere tips and info they can use to create their own unique looks. We talked to Chastity about starting the blog, style mistakes, and her favorite look for men this summer.

Can you tell us how The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style got its start?
I started the blog in conjuction with my wardrobe styling business. I know that a stylist is not in everyone’s budget, so I wanted a way to offer free advice and outfit inspiration.

The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style's Chastity Garner

What are the most common style mistakes you see your clients make?
Fit! Fit is everything. I see a lot of clients trying to hide under too large clothes which translates into frumpy.

How did you get into publishing and what can we expect in the way of future curvy girls books?
I just decided to write a book one day and that was it. I am currently working on the second book. I hope it to be release the beginning of next year. 

What’s your own personal style philosophy?
Go hard or go home. I commit to my looks 110%.

What’s your favorite look for men this summer?
I like the preppy look. The shorts with the long sleeve button down is adorable to me.

Our Chubstr Crush Knows Her Style!

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