Chubstr 6th Anniversary Party

See Photos from the Chubstr 6th Anniversary Party

The Chubstr 6th anniversary party took place at The Plus Bus Boutique in Los Angeles over the weekend, bringing our readers, body positive influencers, and men’s big and tall clothing brands together in one place.

Bruce Sturgell Chubstr
Bruce from Chubstr next to beer from Hopsy

Partygoers were able to shop my closet, in addition to picking up clothes from Oublier, Le Grande Garcon, ASOS Men’s Plus, and more.

Alden Le Grande Garcon
Alden from Le Grande Garcon

Saturday was also the kickoff of the new men’s/masculine clothing section at the Plus Bus. Now you can bring in your clothes to swap, or just go and shop their current inventory. Thanks to Bear Skn, Brandon Kyle Collection, DXL, and MVP Collections for providing giveaways at the party!

Harvey Guillen at the Chubstr 6th Anniversary Party
Harvey Guillen and Bruce

Our friend, actor Harvey Guillen made it out to help us celebrate. Here he is, looking amazing as always.

A Bear Named Troy at the Plus Bus
A Bear Named Troy!

A Bear Named Troy was on hand with shirts, pins, and the opportunity to shop clothes from his closet!

Hopsy Beer
Beer from Hopsy

Thanks to Hopsy for supplying us with tasty beer from some of the finest breweries around, as well as letting us show off The SUB, their beer appliance that gives you the draft beer experience at home. If you live anywhere in the state of California, you’re in luck – they can deliver right to your door.

Team Chubstr Go!
Tyler, Bruce, & Brittny outside The Plus Bus

We even got a good portion of the Chubstr crew together for the first time in…well, ever. It was great to have so many of us in one place. Thanks to Spencer Pablo for getting all these awesome photos at the party.

Chubstr 6th Anniversary at The Plus Bus
Outside the Plus Bus Boutique

The Chubstr 6th Anniversary party was so much fun. It was great to get to meet readers and celebrate the community that we’ve been growing for the past 6 years. Thanks to everyone who came out – we hope to see you at next year’s celebration as well!

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