Best of the Blog: Pets, Mohawks and Galifianakis in the Tub

Here’s our roundup of the good stuff posted to our blog, Big Boy Fashion during the past week:

People Loving Their Pets:

Our week of animal love kicked off with the old school photo of a man and his dog from Vodka of the Gods

And it continued with this photo of a rock star and his cat.


Blakdevil1334 submitted his first attitude-filled photo to the blog. Behold the magnificent mohawk.

The Dancing Director:

Hoodoothatvoodoo brings us this photo of Alfred Hitchcock. He’s probably directing, but we prefer to think this is part of an intricate dance routine.

Zach Takes A Bath:

Zach Galifianakis enjoys a warm bath in the May 2011 issue of GQ. Photograph by Martin Schoeller.

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