Best of Chubstr 2015: Our Top 10 Articles of the Year

2015 is coming to a close, and it has been a pretty amazing year! We compiled a list of our most popular articles from the past year for your reading pleasure. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best of Chubstr in 2015

Best of Chubstr 2015: Bellies and Belt Buckles

Best Kept Secrets – Bellies and Belt Buckles

Best Kept Secrets: Bellies and Belt Buckles

Toward the end of summer, we kicked off a new feature called Best Kept Secrets. The idea is that as plus size guys, we all have tips and tricks that make our clothing fit comfortably and look great. Best Kept Secrets is where we share them with you. You might be familiar with some of these tips, but you’ll probably find a few new ideas packed in there as well. Our first article offered one sure-fire trick to keep your belt buckle from pinching your stomach. It was a divisive article, with some readers loving and using the trick, and others staying away from it altogether. Where do you fall? Click here to read the article.

Best of Chubstr 2015: On Set With John Gemberling and Ken Marino

Hanging out with John Gemberling and Ken Marino

John Gemberling Talks NBC’s Marry Me, Ska, & Big Guys in Hollywood

In January, we had the opportunity to visit the set of the NBC show Marry Me (may it rest in peace), and interview actor John Gemberling. We discussed his 90’s ska band, the differences between working on Broad City and Marry Me, and being blessed with a good bearded neckline. See what John says about the strange world of red carpet premieres.


Jay de belen rocking the undercut

Answerland: Can a Fat Guy Pull Off An Undercut?

Answerland has always been one of our most popular features, as it allows you, the reader, to send us your questions and get answers from either the Chubstr staff, or an expert in whatever your question is about. Believe it or not, a lot of guys aren’t sure if they can rock certain haircuts, and with the undercut being especially popular right now, it’s one we’re asked about pretty regularly. As the L.A. based stylist we spoke with says, “Hair styles don’t have a weight limit.” See what else we had to say about it, and see more fat guys with undercuts.

Best of Chubstr 2015: Project Runway Winner Ashley Nell Tipton

Ashley Nell Tipton at the Project Runway Finale Party. Photo: Chelsea Mudlo

Spotlight: Project Runway Winner Ashley Nell Tipton

Not only did Ashley Nell Tipton show the first plus size clothing collection in Project Runway history, she went on to take the season 14 crown. Our cameras were in San Diego at her finale watching party, where were able to get amazing photos and an interview after the big announcement. Is there a men’s line in her future? Read what Ashley had to say.

Meet Kyle McIntire, the Epic Builder

You probably remember the video from earlier this year – a husky construction worker showing off some gravity-defying dance moves on the work site for UK based MoneySuperMarket. We tracked down the actor, Kyle McIntire, and talked to him about filming the ad, the huge response to it, and exactly how much of those moves were his, and how much were part of the production. You might be surprised by the answer.

Best of Chubstr 2015: Why Are Retailers Ignoring Plus Size Men?

Photo: Parker & Pine

Why Are Retailers Ignoring Plus Size Men?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been aware of the problem for most of your adult life – retailers are largely ignoring plus size men. 2015 was the year that the media started to get in on the conversation by asking why. It turns out that the media weren’t the only ones looking for an answer – hundreds of you shared your opinions and told us what you think about the state of the industry, and what kind of changes you’d like to see. We found the comments to be as interesting as the article itself.

Best of Chubstr 2015: James R. Sanders talks big men's style

Talking Big Men’s Fashion with James R. Sanders

When it comes to high end, luxury fashion, there aren’t a lot of options for men of size. That doesn’t stop James R. Sanders, fashion writer for Vogue, Glamour, The Huffington Post, and Ebony Magazine. In addition to that hefty resume, James is a celebrity stylist, outfitting the likes of Natalie Hall and Guillermo Diaz. We talked about finding inspiration in your work, why a good tailor is an absolute must, and what to expect from his first line of luxury handbags. Find out how James makes any article of clothing he likes fit him well.

Best of Chubstr 2015: Is this a Target plus size male model?

It’s Target’s Mysterious Plus Size Model

Did Target Sneak in a Plus Size Model?

It was a total accident that launched a TON of press for both Chubstr, and the model in question. While browsing’s big & tall section one weekend, I came across a photo of an actual plus size male model. As far as we know, a first for the company. You had a lot to say about this, as the article opened up a lot of conversation about the state of men’s big & tall clothing in the U.S., the way that companies treat their plus size customers, and more than a few questions about the model himself. Luckily, he saw this article and reached out, as you’ll see below.

Best of Chubstr 2015: Photo Shoot With Charley Koontz

Best of Chubstr 2015: Charley Koontz getting fitted at Indochino

Charley Koontz’s Style Renaissance

Back in October, we interviewed actor Charley Koontz as he was being fitted for a suit at the Indochino showroom in Beverly Hills. We talked about taking steps to find your style, body confidence, and his dream role. See all the photos from our shoot with Charley here.

Best of Chubstr 2015: Plus Size Male Model Zach Miko

Sorry folks, Mr. Miko is taken!

Meet Target’s Plus Size Model, Zach Miko

It turns out that the model I found on heard about the article we published about him, and wanted to say thanks. That gave me the opportunity to chat with him about life as an actor in NYC, finding work as a plus size male model, and when he thinks we’ll see the industry come around to featuring more big guys in fashion.

It was a great discussion, and you agreed, by sharing, commenting, and liking it all across the internet. The article was even picked up by mainstream media outlets like Yahoo, MTV, PopSugar, NewNowNext, Marie Claire Brazil, and The Gloss, to name a few. Zach even ended up being featured by People Magazine! Is it a sign that there’s mainstream interest in seeing more plus size male models? Only time will tell.

Best of Chubstr 2015: Tyler Jacobs - Sumo Wrestling!

Tyler says: Thanks for making 2015 awesome!

Best of Chubstr 2015: Our Readers

Because of our amazing community, we’ve been able to grow exponentially this year, and continue our mission to help men of size find, create, and share their style with the world. We have big plans for 2016, and we can’t wait to share them with you in the weeks and months to come. As always, thanks for reading Chubstr, for following us on your favorite social network, and most of all, for telling the people in your life about the site. The feedback we get from you is the reason we keep doing what we’re doing.

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