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Best of Big Questions: Body Image & Sex, Being Fat at the Gym & More

Have you read Zach Miko’s advice column, Big Questions yet? Zach takes on Chubstr reader questions about plus size sex, relationships, body image, acceptance and more. Have a question for Zach? You can send it in (even anonymously if you’d like) by clicking here. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the past Big Questions articles that readers love most.

Big Questions: Learning to Love Your Body

Anonymous: My boyfriend is a big guy and always makes comments about his body in a negative way. I’m a big gal myself, but I’ve been working on my self image for years and have come a long way. How do I nudge him in the same direction? Click here to see what Zach had to say.

You Look Great, Have You Lost Weight?

Dan: I’m a bigger guy who lost a bit of weight over the past few years. Not because I was trying, it just happened naturally. I often have people tell me I look great and are surprised about how much weight I have lost. [It] kinda pisses me off because I feel like I looked great even when I was heavier. I get that they think they are being nice, but it honestly bothers me. What do you say to those people? Read Zach’s advice for handling one of the most annoying questions ever.

Do You Call Yourself Fat?

Anonymous: Do you think of yourself as fat? Do you call yourself a fat person? Are you comfortable calling yourself fat? Zach gives his take on the word. Read it here.

Dealing With Negative Body Image and Sex

Anonymous: Hey Zach. Big fan here. As a big guy, I have always been conscious about my appearance. Honestly, it affects my confidence, especially during sex. Have you struggled with that as well or is it just me? How do you become more comfortable with your body as it relates to sex? Find out how Zach dealt with it himself.

Why Isn’t the World Made for Bigger People?

How do you deal with public spaces when you literally can’t fit into them? Chubstr reader Ian asks for advice on navigating a world that is made for smaller people. Get Zach’s advice here.

Can a Fat Guy Feel Comfortable at the Gym?

Randall: OK, so I want to work out at the gym but I am uncomfortable because they don’t seem to cater to the people who need this the most. I am active but low key and I know I should be more intense but I don’t want to feel on display. Having a large body makes me feel undignified when I work out in public. I wish there was a fat person gym. Do you have any advice? Read how Zach deals with feeling like an outsider at the gym.

Big Questions: How to Become a Plus Size Male Model

Zach takes on one of the most asked questions – how do I become a plus size male model? It’s not as easy as you might think. Zach shares tips to help you get seen and break into the industry here.

Send Zach Your Questions

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