The Fattest Gap

DWP 2018: The Fattest Gap in Design

Tue, April 17th, 9AM | 380 Northwest 13th Avenue Portland, OR 97209

AllGo CEO Rebecca Alexander, Chubstr CEO Bruce Sturgell, Łush Kumtux Tumtum Consulting Principal Shilo George and Copper Union Owner Claire Doody are joining forces to offer this one-of-a-kind event to expose huge gaps in designing for fat bodies.

With limited products designed with their bodies in mind, fat people are masters of DIY: creating solutions often overlooked by professionals. While body positive messaging is more prevalent than ever, the world has been slow embrace inclusivity in its design of physical spaces and products.

This fun, interactive event will feature a show and tell of our favorite and least favorite products. We’ll also provide a framework for designers to serve this expanding market in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

As fat people ourselves, we are personally motivated to inspire size-inclusive design across all fields. Here’s to everything from well-tailored suits to sturdy, beautiful chairs for everyone!

The Fattest Gap in Design
Rebecca Alexander, CEO of Allgo

About Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca is the Co-Founder and CEO of AllGo, a new company dedicated to expanding the world for fat people. AllGo is building a review site where fat people can rate the comfort and accessibility of places so others can know what it’s like before going out. The platform will collect data about seating, aisle width, and other design elements of restaurants, theaters, waiting rooms, and more. For more information, visit

Bruce Sturgell, CEO of Chubstr

About Bruce Sturgell

Frustrated by lack of choices and representation, Bruce Sturgell created to chronicle his awesome mens’ plus-size looks and where to find them. In doing so, he became a voice for others who were struggling to see men with bodies reflective of their own, creating a map of accessible fashion for all. Today, Chubstr highlights other stylish plus-size men and continues to shine a light on brands creating stylish, accessible clothing for bigger bodies with masculine tastes.

Shilo George of Łush Kumtux Tumtum Consulting

About Shilo George

Shilo George is Southern Cheyenne-Arapaho and Scottish international speaker, trainer, and owner of Łush Kumtux Tumtum Consulting, which means “a great awakening of the heart and spirit” in the Chinuk Wawa trade language. She has lived her life in a body that transgresses and violates Western standards of beauty, size, sexuality, and health. Shilo interweaves cultural traditions and spirituality with an anti-oppressive and decolonizing lenses to promote healing and empowerment in herself and others in the communities she is a part of. Her workshops and presentations explore the intersections of race, sexuality, body size, and trauma (both individual and inter-generational). Shilo trains others on systems of oppression, trauma informed care, and proactive ways that businesses and organizations can create policies and environments that that promote inclusion, diversity, and healing.

Shilo received her Bachelor of Science in Art Practices in 2012 and a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy with a specialization in Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education in 2017, both from Portland State University.

Claire Doody Copper Union

About Claire Doody

Claire Doody is the owner and creative force behind Copper Union, one of Portland’s favorite plus size lines. Over the past four years, Claire has dedicated herself to mastering the fit of larger bodies. With a diverse background in jewelry design, costuming, and fiber arts, Claire has focused her passion and drive into creating plus size separates that celebrate a woman’s curves with style and attitude. Her strong understanding of textiles and fit techniques set her apart from current plus size lines on the market. Claire and Copper Union are dedicated to designing and producing quality plus size separates here in Oregon. Her garments are available in local boutiques including Folly, Amelia, and Union Rose. Join Claire as she sets a new standard for plus size fashion in Portland and beyond.

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