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Heavy Conversation Podcast: What We Do in the Shadows Returns

This week on the Heavy Conversation Podcast, we’re celebrating the return of What We Do in the Shadows! We talk about previous seasons and our friend Harvey Guillen, who plays Guillermo on the show.

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We’ve chatted with Harvey several times over the years about being a plus size actor in Hollywood. Check our past articles and photo shoots below:

Harvey Guillen bedroom photo
Photo: Josue Lozada

Harvey Guillen on finding confidence and breaking stereotypes

In 2017, we talked to Harvey about finding a work/life balance, and why he wanted to do a boudoir-inspired photoshoot. Here’s what he told us at the time: “We’ve been told by the entertainment industry for decades that we can’t be the leading man if we’re plus-sized, that we can’t be sex-symbols. Why can’t we? Let’s be real, you can look sexy and amazing at any size.” Read the article here.

Actor Harvey Guillen
Photography by Valentina Vee. Hair by Adriana Ortega

On vampires, improv, and spreading your wings with Harvey Guillen

We caught up with Harvey a few weeks after the premiere of What We Do in the Shadows to discuss filming the show and why people love Guillermo. “Everyone can relate to Guillermo; he’s the only human. We relate to him because he is us. We’ve all had a job or relationship we’ve tried to make work but it doesn’t. We root for him because he’s you.” Read the full interview here.

Harvey Guillen’s Palm Springs road trip

Harvey took a trip to Palm Springs in style! See a travelogue of his adventures here.

Harvey Guillen tuxedo in the Pool

Harvey talks big men’s fashion

In our very first interview with him, Harvey Guillen shares how he puts together his unique style, and why it’s important to experiment with your own looks. “It’s harder for a bigger guy to pick different outfits. They can get stuck with one trademark outfit and that’s all they wear. Me, I like to mix it up. Just because you might have a couple pounds on you, there’s no reason why you can’t dress up.” Read the interview here.

Photo: Isaac James

Harvey Guillen joins IFC’s Documentary Now!

Harvey tells us the story of shooting the Documentary Now! episode Juan Likes Rice and Chicken with Fred Armisen in the wilds of the Colombian jungle. On the first day, one of the girls in the crew put on her shoes to walk to breakfast , and there was a scorpion in it. She was stung, and her body went numb,” he said. “We learned that you’re supposed to turn your shoes upside down so bugs don’t get inside them.” Read the interview here.

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We’ve chatted with Harvey many times over the years, and each experience was more interesting than the last. See them all for yourself by clicking here.

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